The covenants, conditions, and restrictions are filed at the county court house with the real property records. These are the rules and regulations the association must govern themselves by. CC&R's are often referred to as master deed for the community, deed restriction, declaration, or simply covenants. The CC&R's outlines the specific duties and roles each homeowner and board member must abide within.

These documents are as important to a homeowner purchasing a home as is the loan documents because it is a legal contract binding the homeowners to conduct themselves in a certain manner. It is not legally required to inform the purchasers of a home they are moving to a covenanted community. It is buyer beware and considered an implied contract because the buyer can research the property at the county records office.

The CC&R's contain specific information for the homeowner regarding required dues and fees, obligation of the association for maintenance of the common area, the use of community facilities and services, as well as restrictions on future property development or remodeling. Understanding these rules up front can prevent confusion and misunderstanding between the homeowner and the association's board of directors.

The By-laws are the formal rule book for the administration of the association and day-to-day management of the association. By-laws will typically lay out the specific powers and duties of the association, its officers or directors, and the management company. Other items addressed in the by-laws include notice and quorum requirements for meetings of the association (annual, special, and board meetings), voting rights, and procedures for the election or removal of board members.

Premier Association Management offers a community the continuity when applying these rules while leaving out the emotion and bias from the process. Our management services consist of enforcing the CC&R's and all Financials Services for the Association.

Financial Management

· Assessment Collection

· Accounting

· Preparing Financial Statements

· Yearly Budget Preparation & Forecasting

· Accounts Receivable

· Accounts Payable

· Tax Preparation

· Online Management Software

· Credit Reporting Services


Board Assistance

· New Board Training

· Consultation

· Roberts Rules of Order Meeting Procedures

· Annual Election Procedures

· Board Meeting Attendance

Government Compliance

· Annual Registration

· Agent of Service

Common Area Management

· Common Area Key and Access

· Vendor Management

· Repair Requests

· Property Inspections

CC&R’s, Rules, and Regulations

· Enforcement of Policies & Procedures

· File Management of HOA Documents

· Lien and Attorney Management

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