Company History

The company was started in 1998 as a Time-Keeping and Payroll Service Bureau.  From sales, service, and support, automated time, attendance, and labor management services were provided to companies wanting to make labor tracking simple.   NHR, Inc. used electronic terminals that integrated with the payroll software for a full-service “out-source” payroll.   About the same time the payroll company started, the opportunity to provide bookkeeping services for some of the same clients became available. 


In 2002, NHR, Inc. began providing accounting services to the Chapel Hills Community Association in Douglasville. 


NHR, Inc. sold the payroll services company in 2003, opened a DBA under its name, to concentrate on the existing accounting clients.  It was at this time when the opportunity came along to manage the entire property for the Chapel Hills Community Association.  The transition from a payroll service company to a property management company began in November 2003.  With this one Association, Chapel Hills, NHR, Inc. d/b/a Premier Association Management had grown to manage over 2,000 units within approximately 15 communities over the next year.


In 2011,the company diversified and added a management portfolio of rental properties.


NHR, Inc. d/b/a Premier Association Management split in, 2013, into two separate companies: NHR, Inc. d/b/a NHR Realty which focused on sales and rentals and Premier Association Management, Inc. which focused on managing homeowner associations, property owner associations, condo owner associations, and bookkeeping.


In November 2014, Premier and NHR Realty was purchased by Michelle Porter, an eight-year employee and Associate Broker for the company.  Since this time, Premier has grown to manage over 27 communities in Douglas, Carroll, Cobb, Fulton, and Paulding Counties with over 4,000 units, and still managing the Chapel Hills Community.  Over the last two years, Premier has invested in their employees’ education and the fast-growing technology side of the industry to remain one of the top management companies in Douglas County.